sombrite®’s product line brings the widest range of options for protection and shade

sombrite®’s protective netting and shade netting are made of unique and high-quality polymers which allows more resistance and high performance for the fibers. Their resistance and UV protection prevent from dryness and enable greater durability.

Over 45 years ago, equipesca® developed sombrite®’s netting for protection and shade.

The initial purpose was to meet floriculturist’s needs who would use other resources in that time.

With special additives which protect from UV rays and oxidation, sombrite®’s shade netting is more weather resistant. The product’s versatility has allowed its application in several segments such as agriculture, construction industry, fish farming, livestock, covering of dumpsters and truck bodies, landscaping, and decoration.

equipesca® is proud of being the pioneer in the manufacturing of protective and shade netting. Since its creation, sombrite® has been constantly improved through modern production techniques to meet the needs of both national and international markets. It is a product with quality, resistance, and durability. It is the only netting which has the authentication tape in compliance to Norma ABNT NBR15560-3, which guarantees the real shade for the 30%, 50%, 70% and 80% models.