FAQ - Perguntas Frequentes

Are all shading screens the same?

No, not all shade screens are the same, a lot of attention at the time of purchase, because there are: flat screens of monofilament (sombrite® / clarite® original), “similar” screens and “onion / potato bag” screens.

Why choose sombrite®

sombrite® is the best protection and shading screen on the market, its resistence and durability surpass in many years, the other screens on the market. Quality has allowed the brand to became a reference in the market.

sombrite® unravels?

Due to their manufacturing format, sombrite® screens do not unravel.

What is the warranty on the screens?

sombrite® screens, black, have a 10 years warranty (manufacturing defect).

clarite® screens, white, have a 7-years warranty (manufacturing defect).

claite® screens, crystal color, have a 5-years warranty (manufacturing defect).

How long does the sombrite® last?

We have real screen history in use over 30 years.

How to sew the sombrite®

Its a possible to sew the sombrite® /clarite® in two ways, with a sewing machine (manual or bench), using the twisted yarn equiplex® 30/3, or by hand using a metal needle, for this the twisted wire equiplex® 30/9 is used.

What is difference between sombrite® and clarite®?

Both are registered tradmarks of equipesca®, the sombrite® is related to black colored screens that provide shading, ranging from 18% to 80% of shade. Clarite® screens are related to White screens, where protection without the use of shading is necessary. Usually used on the sides of nurseries or agriculture and greenhouses.

What’s the most suitable screen for plant seedlings in general?

sombrite® 1005 50% black shade9) What is the most suitable canvas for orchids.

Whats is the most suitable canvas for orchids?

sombrite® 1007 70% shade black

What is the most suitable canvas for cattle farming / ovine farming / goat farming?

sombrite® 1008 80% black shade