sombrite® black/green

75% of shade of shade

sombrite® black/green

75% of shade of shade

  • -Protections for parking lots
  • -Swimming pool covers
  • -Closing of sides and back of sports courts
  • -Landscaping and decoration
  • -Side protection of facades to mitigate the effects of the sun
  • -Covering of rubble dumpsters
  • -Covering of truck bodies
  • -Covering of pergolas
  • -Waste barriers for grass mowing in squares, gardens, and roads

Learn about sombrite®’s wide range of applications

sombrite®’s netting is made of high-quality homogenous polymers which guarantee more resistant threads. These threads have high performance and anti-UV protection which do not get parched and last longer.

Technical data

Shade: 75%


Color: Blended black/green

Blended black/green

Material: Monofilament of Polyethylene

Monofilament of Polyethylene

g/m²: 200


Guarantee*: 10 years

10 years

Applications : Covers



  • -Manufactured with virgin raw materials (Polyethylene PE).
  • -Imported anti-UV stabilizer (for the blockage of the actions of ultraviolet rays).
  • -Imported antioxidant stabilizer (for the delay of the netting aging).
  • -Real shade, according to what is stated.
  • -Netting produced through the “flat loom” system which enables a wider tensile strength compared to other manufacturing operations.
  • -Toughened “selvedge” edge with reintroduced weft threads which enables the seam of great quantities of netting to the width.

*A ten-year guarantee for manufacturing faults in normal use conditions. It does not include chemicals, cut, fire, and improper installation of the product. Equipesca does not take the responsibility for damages caused to third parties resulting from problems or faults in the final application of the product.

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